Hearing Care for All Ages

Are you or your loved one having difficulties with your hearing? Is it causing unwanted stress? We can help.
Hearing Care for All Ages

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Symptoms of Hearing Loss Many people who have hearing loss don’t even realize that they have a hearing problem. Many of our patients tell us things like, “People just mumble a lot these...

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids In the ear? Over the ear? Rechargeable? iPhone compatible?   There are many choices in hearing aid technology. We understand that you want someone who truly cares about you to help you understand...

Why We’re Here

Advanced Audiology Consultants is a private audiology practice in Oak Brook and at Seven Bridges in Woodridge, Illinois.  Dr. Dawn Heiman and Dr. Kelly Warf are all Illinois licensed Doctors of Audiology. We not only have great service, but we also have high quality hearing aid products.  Our staff works hard to provide you with the best possible hearing, and a great experience every time you visit our office.We care if you can hear! We also take care to schedule a generous amount of time for each visit, so that you won’t be rushed and you won’t have to wait for long periods of time before your appointment.

An Audiologist evaluates and treats people with both hearing and balance disorders. We see people from all ages and all walks of life. People of all ages can experience hearing loss, and you’re never too young to start hearing better. If you’re a musician, concert lover, hunter, motorcycle enthusiast, or otherwise spend time in noisy environments, it’s never too late to start wearing custom hearing protection to prevent problems like hearing loss.


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30 Day Hearing Aid Challenge

If you qualify:

  • We fit you with a trial pair of hearing aids on your very first appointment.
  • We let you take your trial hearing aids home for 30 days.  At no cost!
  • When you return, we will let you see on the computer screen how busy and noisy your world really was in the past 30 days.
  • We will guide you – so you can choose what level of hearing aid technology is best for you,  based on the hearing aid datalogging readings.
  • We do our best to make improving your hearing easy.
  • We’re looking out for your best hearing options and will look into all possibilities to ensure that you can enjoy hearing life again.

We’re an independent audiology practice. This means that we provide evidence-based services to evaluate and treat you as an individual.  We also use hearing aid products from a variety of companies to serve you and your ears best. Because we aren’t affiliated with any particular company, our sole professional goal is to help you improve and protect your hearing. We offer the most advanced hearing aid and hearing loss prevention technology available on the market, so you can get on with your life!

Did you buy your hearing aids somewhere else?

That’s ok!  We’re here to help you use your hearing aids to their fullest.  We can help with cleaning, repairs, and reprogramming, if possible.  Sometimes you just need that extra professional touch, to feel more confident with use and care.  Don’t be shy, just ask us to help!

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Your Hearing is very important

Engaging in life through hearing sounds and conversations can make you happier.
Friends don’t let friends go to the wrong place for their hearing care.
I'm frustrated.  Once again, yesterday, I met a new patient who said she wished she'd known about us sooner.  She'd been overcharged and under served...
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Can Everyone Get the Smallest Hearing Aid? Maybe Not.
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I was watching the movie the "Polar Express" with my two sons the other evening.  It is a popular animated movie with Tom Hanks playing...
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Hearing Loops for Chicago Suburbs
Large meeting areas, churches, and public transportation centers should be looped for the hearing impaired.  In Europe, a large portion of public venues are looped....
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How We Help People Everyday

We’re here to make your life a little easier by helping you hear better.  We work with people of all ages and all walks of life who struggle to hear their friends and family.  Many times they report that they have the biggest struggle while watching TV or while in a restaurant.  We can help bring back those enjoyable moments and help you be able to hear!

We have a long-term treatment approach that begins the first day you meet us.  We work with you and create an individualized auditory therapy program to further increase your positive outcomes.  Sometimes it includes hearing aids and sometimes it doesn’t.  Our office is a small, private practice with two main offices and two audiologists, who’ve each achieved their clinical doctorates in Audiology and have years of experience diagnosing hearing loss and helping people hear their best.

We also have affordable hearing aids and accessories. Because you don’t need to be rich to have great hearing.

Let us help you schedule the beginning of your journey today!  (Did we mention that we are widely known for fitting demo hearing aids the first day and let you take them home for 1 month at NO obligation?  – It’s part of our system that allows you to hear what you are missing.)


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Hear from our patients!



Links between your Ears and your Brain?

Of Course!
Link between Exercise and Your Hearing
A recent study from Bringham and Women's Hospital is reporting women can reduce the risk of developing hearing loss if they walk regularly and maintain a...
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One day at a time
In this day in age when we all seem to have endless "to do" lists and are constantly trying to keep up with simply the...
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It was reported yesterday on NBC's Today Show that the highest risk factor for hearing loss is noise.  The Doctor of Audiology urges, and I...
Cognition and Your Hearing
Our abilities to maintain our brain function can be directly linked to our senses.  If we stop listening to sounds, we can limit our abilities...
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